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The idea behind Business Ethics.

You probably can be successful without being ethical correct. But for sure you will be more successful with solid business ethics. Why? Here some scenarios...

You are a Global Player, a big company present in several parts of the world. You are dealing with different people in different countries with different cultures. What will be a solution to make all parts work smoothly together? Business Ethics?

You are medium sized company trying to gain business from large industrial companies. What will set you apart from these companies so you can get the best people to work for you? Business Ethics?

You are a family business maybe struggling to survive. What will be your driving factor to be successful? Business Ethics?

Of course, every example can be easily transferred to the other companies and people and of course I could name plenty more examples, here just two other present example which made news just recently...

Do you think it is alright that the control panel for the members of board from Volkswagen received money and business trips to Brazil, although it ought to be an independent?

Do you think it is ok that some sport stars grew up in a country, went to school there and make most of their money from this country and as soon as they earn a lot of money they change countries to save taxes? Although they still would be extremely rich even if they would have to pay high taxes..

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